Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) is an easy to set-up, operate, and scalable relational database offering from AWS cloud. It provides you with six familiar database engines to choose from, including Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. If you are a RDS user, then you or your peers might have experienced that it’s the second most largest figure in your AWS bill. So, if you’re looking for quick AWS RDS cost savings, then you’re at the right place.

With much delight, I’d like to introduce Botmetric RDS Cost Analyzer, an intelligent analyzer that not only provides complete visibility into RDS spend with a detailed breakdown according to AWS instances, instance types, AWS accounts, AWS sub services, and instance engine. All this, just so that you become a wise AWS user. Above all, you an figure out some unusual trends in your AWS RDS usage and discover which component is incurring the major chunk of cost.

What Affects AWS RDS Cost Savings?

On an average, AWS RDS usage accounts for 15–20% of your AWS bill. Moreover, most of the underlying services like storage, data transfer, instance usage, etc. are used in conjunction with RDS service for deploying applications on AWS cloud. So these major components affect your AWS RDS cost savings. There are currently six components that cannot be ignored:

Compute: RDS usage is charged per hour, just like EC2. And it varies based on the selected instance type.

PIOPS Storage: PIOPS is more expensive, however, it is preferred as it can be configured for high performance workloads running at up to 30 K I/O operations per second.

I/O Costs: You will be charged for I/O usage used in media, if you have configured standard storage.

Data Transfer: You will be charged for data transferred out to other regions or out to the internet. Plus, you will also be charged for transferring snapshots across regions.

Snapshots: With AWS, you can take point in time snapshots of the storage, which is awesome. However, you’ll be charged for keeping snapshots beyond the time at which they are useful. This can result in recurring AWS RDS costs.

Availability Zone: AWS RDS has the ability to have a fully managed high availability deployment and concurs multi-AZ support. This requires an instance to run in two different zones. So the average compute cost gets doubled.

How Botmetric RDS Analyzer Can Help Reduce AWS RDS Cost?

Botmetric’ Cost & Governance performs a deep dive of cost items associated with AWS RDS by instances, instance types, AWS accounts, AWS sub services, and instance engine.

Get Started with Cost & Governance RDS Analyzer Now

See how Botmetric can help.

Know your AWS RDS spend by instance:

With Botmetric RDS Cost Analyzer, you now have the capability to discover spend in your RDS service across different RDS instance families. You can further filter it down with the choice of AWS account. Botmetric also provides cost break down by instance type, so that you know which instance type incurs the highest cost. You can also discover some unpredictable spend ongoing with a certain instance type.

Know RDS cost breakdown by sub-services:

If you wish to visualize split of individual costs associated to sub-services in RDS services, then we’ve brought together cost of data transfer, storage, and instance usage in Botmetric RDS Cost Analyzer, where you have the opportunity to understand the split of cost incurred by these sub services.

Discover cost split by RDS instance engine:

Botmetric RDS Cost Analyzer helps you realize which database engine is driving how much cost. This helps you understand your spending patterns among engines such as SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc.

Know RDS cost split by AWS accounts:

Using Botmetric RDS Cost Analyzer, you can filter spend based on RDS for individual accounts in your payer account to understand your AWS RDS usage.

Export AWS RDS Cost data in CSV:

The best of all, with Botmetric RDS Cost Analyzer, you can export or download different breakdown of RDS cost into CSV files so you can circulate it among your team members and use it for any internal analysis. The data export option allows you to visualize the cost breakdown by instance types, AWS accounts, instance type, instance engine etc.

Concluding Thoughts

Even though AWS provides a Simple Monthly Calculator to calculate AWS RDS Cost, you need to have complete knowledge and the dynamics surrounding your AWS RDS usage. With Botmetric RDS Cost Analyzer, you can easily analyze the current RDS spending with split by month, day, or hour, in formats you love, not just by instances, instance types, accounts, sub services, and instance engine. Why? So that you can get optimal AWS RDS cost savings. You can also export spend report in CSV file or get beautiful graphical view in either bar graph or pie chart formats.

Get Botmetric Cost & Governance today to check in what Botmetric RDS Cost Analyzer offers. See for yourself how it helps increase your AWS ROI.



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