Nutanix Clusters: Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure now available on AWS GovCloud (US)

Nutanix Clusters — Manage all of your clouds as a single cloud

  • i3.metal
  • i3en.metal
  • m5d.metal
  • z1d.metal

Cloud Solution Choices: Managed Services Versus Direct Management Control

AWS GovCloud Meets Regulatory Requirements for US Government

Security Matters: FedRAMP-authorized Nutanix Government Cloud Services

  • Flow Security Central (a centralized SaaS-based management plane) delivers compliance monitoring, network visibility, and security operations across both Nutanix and public cloud environments, including AWS GovCloud.
  • Xi Beam cost governance solution provides significant cost savings to customers through increased visibility and cost recommendations on their cloud spend by right sizing their infrastructure, optimizing purchase plans and automating manual tasks.
  • Xi Frame is a cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and cloud orchestration platform with security and compliance built in to meet the needs of the public sector. This solution allows federal agencies to support and expand telework capabilities for personnel across a variety of external networks.

Common Government Use Cases

  • On-Demand Elasticity. Government agencies often work with extremely time-sensitive information, and it is vital to be able to quickly scale capacity by bursting into public clouds to support the mission and service needs.
  • Disaster Recovery. Government agencies can leverage public clouds for high availability and continuity of operations, avoiding the complexity and cost from managing a secondary datacenter.
  • Modernize Applications. Government agencies can lift-and-shift virtualized applications to the cloud without having to re-architect them. Nutanix Clusters decouples applications from the underlying platform, so you have the freedom to run either on-prem or in AWS based on service and mission needs.
  • Access innovation. Government customers can access a rich array of cloud-native services such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and more. This can usher in a new era of cooperation and collaboration, allowing authorized agencies to share information and services much more easily. This is a core strategy to help authorized agencies to discover, access and share critical information in an era of infinite data.

Key Features

  • Native networking integration, as government customers can run all their Nutanix software in AWS GovCloud without any networking overlay complexity. Customers can re-use their existing AWS networking set-up, AWS accounts, VPCs, and subnets.
  • Rack awareness and auto host remediation, as the solution intelligently picks the node placement across AWS GovCloud racks to ensure highly availability. If any individual AWS GovCloud host instance is reported as unresponsive by EC2, Nutanix Clusters will trigger a node replacement to make sure the cluster health is restored. Even if a full AWS GovCloud rack goes down, Nutanix Clusters will gracefully restore the cluster back to full health.
  • Just-in-time scale and shrink: as government customers can easily add new compute nodes when they need more capacity. It is easy to manually add nodes or expand the size of the cluster with one-click, or customers can use playbooks with triggers based on capacity consumption to scale out nodes automatically.
  • On-Demand Hibernate and Resume, as government customers can control their costs. The hibernation feature sends data to cost-efficient S3 storage, uninstalls your Nutanix software and stops the EC2 bare metal instances so that you can stop incurring bare metal compute costs, when you don’t need them. When you are ready to use your cluster again, you can bring it back from hibernation with just one-click and all your data is preserved. (This feature is currently in tech preview).

Insider Tips to Advance Your Success

  • Networking is one of, if not the most complex piece of implementing hybrid cloud. Make sure you have an understanding of your network and proposed hybrid cloud architecture before starting your project.
  • Security is a shared responsibility in the cloud. FedRAMP authorization means that not all security is handled by the vendor or the cloud provider. Make sure to plan for security in the cloud and adopt vendor solutions that help cover the burden of security by providing built-in security items like pre-hardened STIGs.
  • Data egress from the cloud is expensive, so it is imperative that government IT teams plan an architecture where services exchanging data are co-located (either in the public cloud or on-prem), and use replication technologies that only send delta changes back to on-prem to minimize data egress cost.

Government Can Simplify Cloud Adoption in One Hour With Nutanix Clusters

Your next steps:

  • Test Drive the Nutanix Clusters solution on AWS GovCloud through your web browser — a self-guided showing you how to use Clusters to establish hybrid connectivity and easily migrate applications from on-prem to AWS.
  • Contact us to get a demo and set-up a free trial. You can use your existing AWS account with access to EC2 bare metal instances and establish hybrid connectivity between Nutanix on-premises and Nutanix on AWS GovCloud.

We make infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

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We make infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

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