EBS and its Pricing Scheme:

Amazon EBS storage charges depend on how much EBS storage, in terms of gigabyte-per-month, is provisioned in a particular account. While EC2 instances only accrue charges while they’re running, the EBS volumes attached to instances continue to retain information and hence accrue charges, even when the instance is stopped.

5 Steps to optimize EBS Volume Costs

Selecting the right-mix of EBS types:

Selecting the Right Sizes of EBS Volumes:

Leverage EBS Snapshots:

Delete Unattached EBS Volumes:

Hence by constantly checking whether all the EBS volumes are being used and deleting unused EBS volumes can reduce a big amount from the monthly AWS bill.

Delete Old Snapshots:

While administrators are configuring the settings to automatically create subsequent snapshots on a daily basis, they should also configure the settings to delete older snapshots periodically. Administrators must set a standard for how many snapshots should be retained per volume.

Cloud Management Platforms like Botmetric not only automates best practices like the above five steps for EBS volume management, but many other sets of best practices like Security, DevOps etc. Take a test-drive of Botmetric to have a deeper understanding of how Botmetric can help you optimize your AWS Cloud.



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